Where are your pick up locations ?

Our vehicles are usually located inside the international Airport in Ikeja Lagos or at our Lekki VI office, However as we offer strictly chauffeur services we can pick you up at any location of your convenienice 

What if I cant find my driver ?

in the very unlikely situation you could not locate your driver, Please call our office and our admin team will help you find your driver.

How do we find the chauffeur at the Airport?

After you clear customs look for your chauffeur who will be holding a sign or name-board. The chauffeur will also send you an SMS just before your flight lands if you have provided a mobile contact number.

Can I smoke or eat in the car?

We operate a strict no smoking (including e-cigarettes) policy in all our vehicles. However you can eat in the car . We Implore you to try and maintain the neatness of our car. While the car will be cleaned for you on a daily basis we do charge a fee in the event of excess stains or misuse of our vechcles

What if my flight arrives early?

Yes, we monitor all flights so if your flight arrive early, we will do our best to arrive early. Also if your flight is delayed we probably are already aware and will wait for you. 

Is your services available day or night ?

Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, all through the year. However our chauffeurs are limited to a 9 hour work day.  With advance notice, most of our chauffeurs are willing to be available to you on a 24 hrs. basis ( rest time required for safety purpose)   Please let us know in advance if you will like your chauffeur to be available to you 24hrs. We do not charge extra but we will require you to TIP your chauffeur for the additional service


Yes, your chauffeur will always offer to help carry your bags and luggage. Your chauffer will always be dressed professionally in shirt and tie and weather permitting a jacket.

Can i extend my rental period and pay the driver cash ?

All rental extention period has to be requested and paid for on our website . Chauffeurs are not allowed to recieve any payment or cash 

(outside of Tips) on behalf of The Lux Auto

Will my Chauffeur respect my privacy ?

Absolutely. All of our chauffeurs are professionals and have signed confidentiality agreements (non disclosure agreements) with The Lux Auto . What is said in the car, stays in the car.

How safe is your rental service?

All our staffs are vetted and undergone a background check with a clear police report. 

We take security very important and customers information are giving to staff on a need to know basis. We do not share your pickup location until the time to pick you up neither do we disclose trip location until trip time. Also all our cars are equipped with tracking device for your safety

Will my chauffer assist with my bags and dress professionally? ?

We have children traveling with us , Do you provide child car seat ?

Yes. Please tell us the ages of the children and we’d be happy to provide child seat  as needed.